Innova Group is the realization of a dream. The dream of Giovanni Pedrotti. An enlightened man, with particular humanity and open-mindedness, who has made work and the growth of his community his raison d’être. In fact, the birth of Innova Group in 2002 represents a goal first of all, but also the starting point of the great project that Giovanni wanted to achieve in his life, where family ties, passion, and work dedication have always had the utmost importance.

Passion for innovation, progress and growth put in the service of corrugated cardboard production first and of general packaging and papermaking then. A passion that Giovanni has handed down to his sons Stefano, Diego and Gianluca, who now carry out a great dream: a group of companies in a position to offer products and services that cover the huge world of packaging, dynamic companies opened to changes, able to answer to the always more complicated demands of a growing global market.

Giovanni Pedrotti (1944-2004), orphaned as a child, soon starts to work at the Cartaria Pedrotti, whose is partner with his uncle Fausto. The initiative and tireless capacity of Giovanni let him found in 1972, in the small town of Caino in Val Trombia where he was born, an important plant for the production of corrugated cardboard, called IBO Ondulati. The Giovanni Pedrotti IBO company brought development in all Brescia area and the cooperation with his sons Stefano, Diego and Gianluca has assured continuation and paid attention to new production processes.

In fact, COB Carte Ondulate Bresciane was later established, always in Caino, and subsequently other companies of the same core-business have been acquired: Imballaggi San Felice and the packaging plant Castelletti in Sommacampagna (1998), called Innovacart. The recent acquisition of Polikart, a highly specialized packaging plant in Brescia county, further enriches the skills offered by Innova Group, which today boasts annual volumes exceeding 900,000 tons and a turnover of over 60 million euro.

From January 2017 the 5 companies in the Group come under a single name: INNOVA GROUP.

Innova group 50th Anniversary

On 23 September 2022, in the splendid setting of Villa Borromeo in Cassano d’Adda (MI), we celebrated together the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Innova Group. It was an exciting event organized to share the joy of being together in the affectionate and loving memory of Giovanni Pedrotti, our founder, and inspirer.